How We’re Doing 1951 in 2021: Time Travel with QDS

The best trends of each decade never truly die. The high waisted jeans of the 80s, the grunge-inspired plaid and chokers of the 90s, the glam bling of the y2k era--all styles that remain relevant and loved today. When we think of the most romantic and elegant decades of them all, one comes to mind first: the 1950s. We could talk about all of the cultural phenomenon of the period, from heartthrob actors and musicians to the rise of television to Marilyn Monroe herself, but today we’re focusing on the moment that was 50s fashion.

Quanta du Soleil’s most recent releases are inspired by the feminine silhouettes and ever-lasting trends of the 1950s. We’ll be touching on those very trends that defined the decade in this month’s blog. Oh, and don’t worry--we’ll recommend to you our fave new dresses from QDS that will help you evoke the looks of the time.

A Cinched Waist and Flowing Skirt

In the late 40s, Christian Dior created the “New Look,” a silhouette that would come to influence style the next ten years. It was characterized by its round shoulders, a cinched and defined waistline, and a wide, full skirt. This look would soften throughout the decade, becoming a less dramatic version of the original design. 

QDS has created a modern take on this iconic dress shape, incorporating shorter hemlines and less inconveniently full skirts. The Lorraine Dress is the perfect example of this. The puff sleeves evoke the shape of the New Look’s round shoulders, and a cinched bodice and waistline meet a loose and breezy skirt. The Valerie Dress has a similar design in the darker colorway of pink roses against black, creating a more mature and sexy image.

The Brigitte Dress is one of the most youthful of this release. It also draws on that style of the fitted bust and bodice with a flowy hem, and it’s neutral palette and floral design make it both flirty and fresh. The sweetheart neckline and lapels along the side--also extremely popular in the 50s--are the cherry on top of this diner sundae.

The Brigitte Dress

Playful prints and colors

Both women’s and men’s fashion saw an increase in color and patterns in the 1950s. From pastels to bold and opulent tones, fashion enthusiasts everywhere were eager to experiment with clothing of all shades. This mixed with the wide variety of novelty patterns--gingham, checkerboard, polka dots, and florals to name a few--allowed for people to approach their wardrobe with a playful attitude.

The Dorothee Dress draws upon this very moment in fashion with its youthful red gingham print. Going back to the influence of the New Look, the rounded shoulders and drawn in waist are so classically feminine, while the shoulder cut-outs put a modern spin on it. The daisy pattern throughout will have you feeling ready for a date at the drive-in. 

If you have a love for bold colors, the Sylvie Dress will be your go-to. The dress combines green, blue, and yellow hues to make a floral design that looks straight out of a Monet painting. These vivid colors make an appearance in so many 50s catalogues, we had to include them in our collection. The very same goes for the Verte Dress. The rich shade of green makes it a stand-out piece, and the cherry print has all the fun of our favorite decade.

The Dorothee Dress

The kitten heel and dramatic jewelry

Is it even possible to picture a 1950s outfit without a low heel and a pair of statement earrings with a complimentary necklace? Accessorizing will always be the key to completing an outfit, but the 50s in particular emphasized the importance of matching your jewelry and accessories. In the case of kitten heels, we can see trends repeating themselves yet again with the recent love for shorter pumps in all shapes and forms.

We have a few of our new dresses in mind that will pair beautifully with these retro accessory influences. The Floria Dress certainly comes to mind. Its v-shaped neckline means that it's practically begging for the perfect pearl necklace to compliment it. Keep up the consistency by adding on a pair of pearl earrings. You can certainly play it safe with neutral-colored accessories, but why not be as colorful as the 1950s? Slip into shoes the color of the other tones of the dress, such as a vibrant yellow or red. Match them to your bag or hairband and you’ll have all the poise of a vintage movie star.

If we’re talking kitten heels, we have to mention the Piata Dress. The maxi length means it would be great with a boost of height, and a shorter heel does this without sacrificing comfort. A classic pointed toe pair would be to die for. A matching hat or scarf was always a beloved addition in the 50s, so we’ve styled our model in one of the same print as the dress to pull the look together. We can’t forget our Dyor Dress! Wearing it with a strappy sandal version of the kitten heel would be adorable and oh-so-trendy. 

The Piata Dress


This was far from an exhaustive list of trends that defined the decade, but we hope that it gave you some inspiration on how to dress like the best of the 50s in 2021 with our newest pieces. Trends have been and always will be on a constant rotation, but the grace and luxury that the 1950s carried in its fashion will never not be in style.

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