Memorial Day with Quanta du Soleil

Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer and Quanta du Soleil is your official shop for summer wear. With rising temperatures and pretty days, it’s time for a closet update to reflect the warm and bright season. We have the perfect styles to kick off the summer season! 

A fun dress has always been a staple for your summer closet and this season is no exception. Whether it is a backyard barbecue or a social distance picnic you’ll be attending this Memorial Day, we have the best options for a casual or more dressy occasion. Or maybe you’ll have your first dip in the pool, lake or ocean and if so, we’ve got what you’re wearing until you hit the water.  

Colorful dresses and joyful patterns are on trend for this season, and that is exactly what we do. Quanta du Soleil is your tiny little sun and with vibrant colors in youthful but sophisticated patterns, our pieces desire to be shown off on a warm day. Not only are our pieces special, but even more so are the beautiful women underneath. Our styles embrace whoever is wearing them and allow them to shine. Whether you want to go mini and be trendy or you’re more of a classic midi girl, our dresses have got you covered. 


Dresses to Add to Cart

  • Celosia
  • Fleur
  • Sunnie
  • Melli


Celebrities: They Dress Just Like You

Red is not only a color of passion and desire, but the perfect color for an American holiday like Memorial Day. A touch of red is a tasteful, yet stylish way to show your patriotism. With many celebrities dawning our red ensembles, they are the perfect inspiration for your Memorial Day celebration. Isla Fisher was spotted wearing our Giata dress. She paired the dress with sneakers for a more casual look, perfect for a picnic or a day on the water. Jessica Chastain wore our Celosia dress, in red, for a day out. These celebrities styled the dresses perfectly for summer. Featuring the same dress, the Celosia is perfect for a day of picking strawberries.


Isla Fisher in the Giata Dress
Strawberry picking in the Celosia


Tie Dye Hasn't Died

It was a year ago that tie dye came back stronger than ever and flooded our phone screens with matching sets and loud colored lounge pieces. A year later, tie dye is not going anywhere, it is only being elevated and incorporated into our nicer wardrobes. Our Fleur dress is the perfect addition of tie dye to your summer closet. With bright tie dye in a light fabric, this dress sits perfectly and looks great by the pool, at the backyard barbecue, or for a night on the town with friends. With horizontal tie dye in a light green color, this dress drapes with a light and airy feel that is easy to dress up or more casually, all summer long. Featured below by @sabinebezzm, it is the perfect piece to pack for a weekend away that can go from day to night.


The Fleur Dress


Fruit & Sun Are Summer Staples

Watermelon is symbolic of summer. As a refreshing and healthy fruit, it is the perfect snack on a hot day as it cools you off and hydrates you. What a better way to embrace summer than by wearing the summer's favorite fruit. Our Melli dress is subtly decorated with watermelons on the softest fabric. With versatile sleeves that can sit off the shoulder or be pulled up for a different look, this dress has options. It is perfect for being in the sun and having the option to move your sleeves around. The Melli is a design and length that can take you from a picnic to a summer wedding.


The Sunnie dress is perfect for just that, sunny days. Decorated with fun yellow flowers and vintage details, this piece is so different from anything else in your closet but will be your new favorite mini dress for the summer. Mini skirts and mini dresses are on trend for Summer 2021, but this is a statement piece that will be in long after this summer. With the versatility of the tie shoulder straps, as well as the button on cuffs, this dress can be a totally different piece every time you wear it, featured below by @katclifford. 

Whether this Memorial Day takes you on a staycation, or vacation, we have the perfect looks for your travels. As Summer begins, treat yourself to a new piece or a whole new closet full of looks that will carry you through the season and beyond. With bright florals and vibrant colors that will surely snag compliments at your celebrations, Quanta du Soleil will bring the sun your way.

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