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7 Vacation Ideas for this Summer (and the Dresses to Wear to Each!)

After a year and a half of battling the pandemic, the world is finally opening up. As the vaccine has become more readily available, travel restrictions have loosened in multiple countries--and just in time for summer! We’ve put together a list of a few of our favorite vacation destinations in the US and abroad where the weather is currently warm and the airports are welcoming travelers. We’ve also picked out the perfect Quanta du Soleil pieces to wear to each location. From the beaches of Miami to the fashion district of Taipei, where in the world will you take your fave QDS dress?

We couldn’t start our list anywhere else than the very city we get our inspiration from: Paris. Since all of our pieces have a Parisian feel to them, you couldn’t go wrong with any Quanta du Soleil dress or set when visiting. However, we can’t help but daydream about the Daisy Dress amidst the streets of the Montmartre District! It’s delicate pattern and silhouette fit the romantic feel of the area, which features a number of restaurants, gardens, and the beautiful Sacré-Coeur basilica. Another must-see location is the Musée Jacquemart-André, an art museum that boasts numerous works from 18th century France and 15th and 16th century Italy. Why not look like a piece of art yourself while touring in the floral Monique Dress?


It seems that San Francisco is at times overshadowed by Los Angeles as a vacation destination, but the former also has so much to offer. The Golden Gate Bridge is a sight to see, and so is the nearby Golden Gate Park. There’s a host of activities to partake in on its 1000 acres of land, from strolling through the Conservatory of Flowers or attending a concert at the Music Concourse. It’s certainly the ideal picnic spot, and there’s no better picnic dress than the Sally Dress. It’s strawberry pattern is so cute for the summer, and would also be a great piece for visiting San Francisco’s Chinatown. The oldest and largest Chinatown in North America, it boasts a number of restaurants and cultural sites. The red accents of the Sally Dress would undoubtedly be a lovely complement to the lanterns lining Grant Avenue.


What’s not to love about Miami? The blend of cultures makes for a colorful and vibrant city with exciting daytime activities and a nightlife that’s hard to beat. Few areas perfectly personify Miami like Little Havana. This neighborhood is the heart of Miami’s Cuban population, meaning you can enjoy delicious Cuban food, sweets, and drinks on every street corner. The flowy shape and rich red details of the Rosie Dress will have you ready to dance the night away in Little Havana. If you’re looking for a picturesque location, the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens might be just what you’re looking for. You’d likely recognize the sprawling estate from the numerous film appearances it’s made. The location’s Italian gardens and romantic architecture will make a lovely backdrop for the Lemon Dress, with its side slit and tie off below the neck. It’s femininity will play well with the scenery, and when the sunlight hits you against the fountains of the villa, it’ll feel closer to a dream than reality.


London is certainly worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. The history alongside the hustle and bustle of modern life makes for such an eventful trip. Wear our Chili Dress while out in Camden Town. It can easily be dressed down with sneakers for a day of walking through the countless lively street markets. The Chili Dress can just as quickly be dressed up, though, with the right pair of heels or sandals for checking out the local bars in the evening. Another spot worth visiting is the Sherlock Holmes Museum, located at the iconic address 221B Baker Street. It features memorabilia from the series’s many books, movies, and shows with beautiful room recreations for picture taking. Be just as dramatic as the eponymous character himself with the Aqua Dress. Its shade of blue is standout, with a tie around the neck and sheer shoulders for added flare. The combination of the dress and museum setting is so clearly perfect, we’d call it elementary. 

There’s always something to do in Seoul. If you’re a fan of indie art music and art, the Hongdae neighborhood is a must-visit. It’s characterized by its youthful vibe and underground subculture, so we think the Fleur Dress and its cool girl image will help you fit right in. A slightly lesser known area also in Seoul is Ikseon-dong, a hanok village that features plenty of traditional Korean architecture. The Korean heritage beautifully blends with the number of trendy and picturesque cafes and restaurants that line the streets. Snap a few pictures in front of the iconic flower-laden corner store there in the youthful gingham of the Charli Set.


If you’re looking for a good time in a scenic city, Barcelona is the place for you. This coastal hub boasts numerous cultural sites and efficient public transportation to get you from place to place. Every visitor has to make their way to La Rambla, the grand street that passes through the heart of the city. Street performers line the road throughout the day, as do flower kiosks and a number of quaint cafes. Stroll through the center of Barcelona’s culture in the Rouge Set, a piece just as colorful and alluring as the city itself. It’s perfect for a day at Park Güell, as well. The mosaics that line the walls and walkways are representative of the Catalan modernism movement that permeated architecture and art at the end of the 19th century. You’ll be a striking image against the backdrop of tiles and the acres of greenery of Park Güell in the Rouge Set.


Speaking of Asia, how can you forget the delicious and fun Taiwan! In addition to being famous for its delicious food, Taiwan is a wonderful island where you can enjoy high-end vacations, sightseeing the marvelous natural sceneries, and relax by the sea ALL in one day! Among all the cites, Taipei is one of the fastest growing and most global cities in the world. Its Eastern District is the city’s most recently developed area, and it should absolutely be on your list of areas to visit when in Taiwan. In the East District, during the day, you can dress up in various specialty cafes and visit various trendy shops to shop around. At night, the East District has become the favorite place for partying in Taipei. Our flirty Cheri Dress is great for a day spent shopping or for pictures under the hanging lights at night. It’ll make for a great outfit while out at Huashan 1914 Creative Park as well. The area, originally a winery, has been transformed into an arts hub for the city. The whimsical nature of the Cheri Dress will fit in well with the art installations and live performances in the park.

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