About Us


Quanta du Soleil, your tiny sun on even the gloomiest of days. Our designs are bold enough for women, yet playful for the young at heart. We prefer bright colors, youthful outfits, and patterns that feel sophisticated. 

Our outfits show off your best features, even if you aren’t a model. We celebrate gals of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, even the ones usually left out.
We want to know when is it okay to have a little fun again? Take a break from the desk, and find a little sunshine.

We want our brand to light up your wardrobe with original pieces and unique designs. Whatever your sense of style, we have something for the girl inside every woman. Our brand is founded on feeling free, even from nine to five. Enjoy our latest designs, you with you at its heart.

Paris has long been home to nonchalance; we simply embrace it. Add some feminine charm, childhood memories, and silhouettes for all shapes, and you’ll find us. We have an entire team devoted to your latest looks. Find your sunshine again with designs by Quanta du Soleil.